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4 Types of Roofing Services to Help Increase the Life of Your Roof

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The roofs on houses and commercial properties require ongoing maintenance to prevent gradual deterioration. Allowing a roof to fall into disrepair may lead to other issues including structural damage and the spread of mould. A roofing company provides services to help maintain the roof and avoid these issues.

1. Gutter Repair or Replacement

The gutter system is responsible for helping rain flow away from the roof and the property. As the gutters and downspouts become filled with leaves and debris, the rain runs directly along the fascia and the exterior of the property.

The clogged gutters may cause damage to the roof, the fascia, the siding, and the exterior walls of a property. This also increases the risk of water damage, leaks in the basement, and structural damage to the foundation.

Roofers can clear and inspect the gutters. If the gutters are bent or damaged, replacement is often the best option. Gutters that are pulled away from the roof may simply need to be reattached. An experienced roofer will provide the right recommendations to ensure that rain continues to flow away from the property.

2. Detailed Roofing Inspections

Roof inspections help uncover the need for roof repairs. Early detection is always beneficial as it allows homeowners to stop the problem before it spreads. When one shingle is missing, adjacent shingles are more likely to become damaged or warped. This also increases the risk of leaks and water damage.

Scheduling a detailed roofing inspection allows roofers to perform a complete assessment of the roof, including the gutters. During a thorough roof inspection, the roofer will examine the shingles or roofing tiles for any signs of damage.

Homeowners can attempt to detect the signs of roof damage on their own. For example, water damage on the ceilings or walls of the upper floors may indicate a roof leak. Draughts coming from a damaged roof can result in changes to the heating and cooling bills.

3. Roof Repair and Maintenance

During a roof inspection, minor repairs are completed. Keeping up with these repairs is the best way to extend the life of the roof.

Scheduling an inspection every two to three years allows roofers to detect the need for repairs before they become severe. Missing or peeling shingles are replaced. If there are signs of algae or mould growth, the roof may also receive a power washing to help remove buildup.

4. Emergency Roof Repairs

After severe weather or an accident, a roof may require emergency repairs. The sudden appearance of a hole in the roof allows rain, snow, and wind to penetrate the inside of the home. Unlike minor roof damage, these issues require immediate attention to prevent major damage to the property, furniture, flooring, and possessions.

If you want to maintain your roof, you should start inspecting it regularly. Along with a quick visual inspection, contact a local roofing company to schedule a thorough roofing assessment. Let the professionals determine if your roof requires repair to delay the need for a new roof.

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