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5 Questions to Ask Your Roofers Before Hiring

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A new roof is one of the more major home investments, and the last thing you want on this job is complications or hidden charges that are going to cost you more money. Even minor reparations can be costly, and, in all cases, you are potentially putting yourself at risk by having somebody else work on your property. You can feel more confident in your roofing company by asking these simple questions before you commit to a particular contractor, and a trustworthy roofer should have no problem answering.

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Experience is very closely related to quality, skill, speed, and other important qualities that are going to make your roofing project more satisfying. Many roofing companies will have decades in the business, but you can also ask about the experience of the contractors working currently. However, if a newer company has insurance, licensing, and other important documentation, you are more than likely safe to give them a chance to shine.

2. What Will Happen If A Roofer Is Injured?

If a roofer is injured working on your roof, you want to know that you are covered. Most legitimate roofing companies will have the proper insurance, but watch out for companies that can’t provide a physical address or a straight answer to this question. Roofers should be covered for both injury and any damages that they inflict upon your roof. Insurance coverage, in general, is an indicator of capability, and for further assurance, you can ask about their safety gear and how they plan to avoid falls.

3. What Are Your Warranties?

This includes warranties for the materials that your roofers intend to use, and it also includes warranties for the work being carried out. If either one fails and results in damages to your home, you should be covered for the repair and replacement. Warranties also vary by roofing company, so it’s important that you understand the roofer’s policies.

4. What Happens When Rain Is Imminent?

Your roofers should be on top of the weather and should have a pretty good idea of what’s possible before the weather hits. If the job isn’t finished, your roofers should be able to tarp the unfinished areas to protect your home from the incoming rain. Often times, they can even do this as an emergency service if you have a leak and rain is expected.

5. How Will You Protect My Property?

When you have a major roofing job that involves tearing off old material, you want to know that your roofers Toronto have a strategy to protect and clean your property. This typically involves the use of dumpsters, but the more important part will be their method. Are they clean? Are they going to watch out for gutters, decks, and patios? Are they going to clean up afterward? Getting the full scope of your roofer’s process will ultimately make you feel more comfortable, and don’t hesitate to get creative with the questions that you ask.

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