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6 Important Points to Getting the Perfect New Siding and Roofing Match

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Feeling that you made the right choice in siding and roofing materials is as important as staying within the desired budget. Below are six points to discuss with your roofer Toronto or siding contractor before replacement and will help you come up with the perfect match.

1. Durability Comparisons

The products that cover the exterior of your home or business need to be durable and stand up to all types of seasons and weather. Many types of siding can easily last 30 years and longer. The same is valid for roofing materials. Plan to spend the amount of money needed to get high-quality products that will shield the interior of your home from the elements of nature.

2. Complimentary Colors

Explore many color options when replacing the roof or siding. Always keep future replacement in mind with both when one needs to be replaced. Opt for colors that will match nicely with a large variety of others. You will be thankful that you thought ahead and kept an open window for different color matches.

3. Staggered Replacement

A complete replacement of siding or the roof can take a bite out of any budget. Try and stagger the timing of the replacements so that you are not carrying the financial burden of replacing both at the same time. You will be able to manage the overall replacement costs better and plan for the jobs in advance.

4. Healthy Eaves

The health of the wood that comprises the eaves of your building is essential to the performance of both the roof and siding. Thoroughly inspect the eaves and complete any needed repairs when changing the siding or roofing materials. Look for any missing portions or soft wood and have it replaced immediately.

5. Gutter and Downspout Replacements

Taking the time to look at details can make a difference in providing the perfect moisture protection for your home and business. There should be gutters and downspouts installed that are free from damage, rust, or clogs. Seamless gutter systems are the more progressive design that will nicely match your new roof or siding.

6. Leaking Windows

Windows that are drafty and allow water to leak into the interior need changed. There are many modern styles that are both easy to clean and will enhance the look of your new roof or siding. Look for durability and high-quality products to ensure they last as long as the other exterior materials.

Personal preference on materials and color choices always play a big factor in making the final decision, but keeping durability and compatibility in mind with your roof and siding selection will benefit the aesthetics and longevity.

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