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6 Signs You Need Roof Repair

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The roof is an essential feature in the house structure as it protects the building’s framework from harsh external elements. Over time, the roof may age whereby you may need to repair or replace it. These are common signs you should look out for to ascertain that your roof needs repair.

1. Curling Shingles

When you notice a change in the appearance of your shingles, it’s most likely they are past the lifespan. They tend to curl or buckle whereby they start losing granules. You can call a roofer for an inspection to identify defective shingles for repair and replacement.

2. Missing Shingles

As the roof structure ages, shingles may weaken and fall off. It may take time to notice some parts especially if around the chimney. Also, after a storm, the shingles may fail to withstand the condition causing them to fall off. Your roofing specialist can help you determine if you need a whole roof replacement or fixing the missing ones.

3. Loose Chimney Flashing

Cement or tar flashing tends to deteriorate over time. The area starts to feature cracks or chips of the mortar. Such a defect can lead to risks of water damage where moisture can gain access from the cracked surface. Therefore, with the help of your roofer Toronto, you should replace with a water-proof, tight fitting preferably metal flashing to properly enclose the area.

4. Shingle Chips in the Gutters

If you notice small chips falling from the downspout of your gutter systems, chances are your shingles are disintegrating. Such happens when the shingles age and end their lifespan. To repair the mess, you will need a comprehensive roof inspection to identify the problem areas. In most cases, chipping shingles indicate an old and worn out roof which calls for a roof replacement.

5. Watermarks on the Ceiling

If you notice signs on the interior ceiling, it could be your roof is defective and letting in water. This problem could arise from a combination of issues such as missing shingles or loose fitting. Such damage would call for extensive inspection and repair of the entire roofing system including the ceiling.

6. Peeling Paint on the Exterior

Moisture build-up can increase the humidity levels in your attic leading to poor ventilation. This can cause moisture access on the walls causing the peeling of paint on the surfaces. It could also indicate defects in the gutter systems. Therefore, you should schedule an inspection to identify where the problem lies and proper strategies to correct them.

A defective roof can impact high energy cost and repair expenses. It is advisable to have regular inspections for prompt repair of minor defects. Additionally, you should contact your roofer whenever you notice a problem with your roof for advice and maintenance tips.

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