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7 Points to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels to Your Roof

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You may have heard great things about installing solar panels on the roof for continual sourcing of electrical or heat energy from the sun. Your first move should involve consulting with your roofer to ensure the roof is ready for a solar power set-up. Below are seven essential considerations to make before you give the installer the go-ahead.

1. How shady is your roof?

If your roof is provided a ton of shade from trees, the surface might not offer enough sunlight to justify the addition of solar panels. You might want to seek another location on your property.

2. Who will do the installation?

The installation of solar panels will include creating holes in the roof. You need to make sure the installer is qualified and knows about roofing to avoid a potential hazard of water leaks and extensive water damage to your home.

3. Photovoltaic or Thermal

Solar Panel On A Red Roof

You have two options in solar power types. Photovoltaic will take the energy from the sunlight and transfer it to electrical power. Thermal solar power panels will take the energy from the sunlight and move it to heat for the home and water heater. You need to make the decision on which you want and ensure you are having the right equipment installed.

4. Is your roof in good condition?

Ideally, having solar panels installed should happen directly after a roof replacement. You want the solar equipment and roofing materials to last a similar amount of time. Have a professional roofer Toronto inspect the roof and perform any needed repairs or replacement before adding the panels.

5. Is your home energy efficient?

The main reason people choose to install solar panels is to try and save money on energy bills. You will defeat the purpose by not going to the home and making it as energy efficient as possible. Switch to energy star appliances, make sure the insulation is adequate and there are no air leaks in the windows or doors.

6. Will it cost to hook your system into the grid?

Energy Cost 201802-001

You need to find out the particulars in hooking your solar power system into the local electrical grid. Some charge a fee for this. Others will offer to pay for the extra energy you produce but at an incredibly nominal rate. Make sure you are comfortable and prepared for what it might cost and the little benefit you receive in providing extra power for the grid.

7. Solar Power Equipment and Roofing Warranty

You want to buy solar panels and equipment that have a comprehensive warranty, but you also need to remain aware of the effects the system can have on your roofing warranty. Check with your roofer before having solar panels installed to find out the proper procedure to follow to keep from voiding the warranty.

You can enjoy monetary savings on electric and heating costs all year long with a solar panel system but check with a professional roofer to ensure you are taking care of the most critical protective feature of your home.

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