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7 Problems Caused By Excess Snow and Ice On the Roof

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Living in an area that gets a sizeable amount of snow on a regular basis should have you looking closer at taking measures to protect your roof. Contact a professional roofer Toronto if you feel any damage has already happened. Below are seven problems that come from the direct result of too much snow and ice on your roof.

1. Roof Collapse

The immense weight of snow after a heavy storm can cause the roof to weaken, partially or completely collapse. It creates a tremendous amount of damage that requires reconstruction of parts of the home, as well as the roof. You can lose personal items or get severely injured.

2. Roof Leaks

Ice and snow that gets under the shingles will begin to look for ways to get inside the home. Any weaknesses to the underlayment material will allow water through, which results in a roof leak. Fluctuating temperatures and a lack of proper attic insulation can make this problem worse.

3. Ice Dams and Gutters

Freezing and thawing of the ice and snow on the roof will also do a bad number on your gutters. It will steadily build up into one giant chunk of ice that eventually rips the gutter down from your home. You need to have a building ice dam taken care of right away.

4. Broken and Missing Shingles

Discovering damaged and missing shingles may not happen until spring rolls around and you find pieces, or entire shingles lying on the ground. Every one of the missing or broken shingles is an area that water has open and free access to the roof support and inside of your house. Have these areas fixed as soon as you notice.

5. Damaged Eaves

Damage to eaves caused by ice and snow happens in more than one way. The weight of built-up ice and snow can break the supporting wood that comprises the edge of your roof. Areas with ice dams can decimate the eaves. The constant exposure to moisture from the snow and ice will lead to wood rot if the eaves remain unpainted.

6. Icicles and Siding

Long and pointed icicles might make your home look like a seasonal treasure, but this can be a killer for your siding. If the wind gets strong, the icicles can break free and slam into your siding. It can break the siding and leave the interior walls of the home open for water intrusion.

7. Falling Ice On People and Pets

Chunks of ice that slip down off the roof and eaves of your home can hit visitors, family, or pets. Injuries can occur that require immediate medical attention. It places you at risk for claims against your homeowner insurance policy if it is an injury to a visitor.

Develop a sensible plan to remove snow and ice from your roof before it has a chance to build-up. Professional removal is the safest route to take and is affordable for most people.

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