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Roof Replacement vs Roof Repair – Which is Smarter Investment?

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A leaking roof is a nightmare for any person living in any part of the world. Whether it is the onset of monsoon or an upcoming winter season, a leaking roof is nothing less than a major headache. However strange it may seem, but almost all of us will agree that all these issues arise close to the onset of monsoon or winter. But, no matter when the problem becomes visible, it is important to take care of the situation at the earliest. The question is whether to opt for roof replacement or simply repair the damaged roof.

A new roof is always great satisfaction. It offers a sense of security since a new roof is bound to hold for long and you will not be troubled with various issues time and again in near future. Also, a new roof gives a brand new look to the house. It is quite a tempting offer and there are many roofing solution providers who will use this to their advantage. It is mainly because it involves more expense on your end and less work on their end.

Roof repair from Roofing in Ajax is cheaper in most cases as compared to complete roof replacement. However, most of the time, your roofing solution provider will try to convince you into getting a new roof for your house. Stay away from those who jump to conclusion without checking the condition of the roof. The right professionals will help you analyze the damage and give you a complete report along with their suggested solution. It may or may not include complete roof replacement.

What should you check to decide if it is time to replace your roof?

The damage caused to the roof needs to be evaluated completely. A leaking roof can be because of a minor damage at any one point of the roof. These are identified as trouble spots. The roofing material might still have life in it but a dislodged segment may be the reason behind the trouble. This happens with tiled roofs or tin roofs. If this is the case, simple relocation of the segment will solve the problem.

Also, there is high probability that the roofing material has got damaged in segment. In such a scenario the damaged segment can be replaced without bothering to change the entire roof.

You might even come across curling or cupping in areas of the roof. This is mainly because of the issue with interior ventilation and can be corrected. However, if ignored, this can cause severe damage to the roof and decrease the life of the material which otherwise would have lasted longer.

A faulty installation in the first place can be reason behind roof leakage and can easily be corrected by a professional.

There are scenarios when there are multiple point damages to the roof. There can be major cracks or the roofing material might have simply become older than manufacturer indicated age span. These are situations when you will have to opt for roof replacement as the cost of repair is beyond a certain limit.

You will find professional experts for roofing in Ajax, Durham within your budget. Contact only the best in case of roof damage and get your roof inspected before deciding whether to opt for repair or replacement.

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