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Providing End To End Roofing Solutions in Pickering

It is a proven fact that the life span of a good roof is 25-30 years and most of the home-owners are not aware of this fact. A good home always has strong pillars and solid roof. We, at Roofing in Pickering, take care of most of the roofing needs in Pickering. We have highly skilled professionals who are trained to take care of any roofing problem you may have.

How Are We Different From Other Service Providers?

We have been in the roofing industry for generations now and the home-owners of Pickering trust us. We have provided quality services such as roof defect detection, roof leakage detection, operations and many new roof installations over the years and we have also managed to make a custom guidebook of all the roofing issues and their remedies. This practice allows us to invest lesser time altogether on one project. With this, we are able to provide our services to 10s of clients at the same time.

Are We Budget-Friendly?

Of course we are! We provide free quotation for any kind of roofing project in Pickering. To make it more authentic, the quotation we provide holds a no-obligation clause.

We also are a team of professionals who love what they do. Since the team keeps themselves motivated, we have quite a good clientele. More than 40% of Pickering’s roofing projects are handled by Roofing in Pickering.

Why Periodic Roof Maintenance is Required?

If pillars are the bases of a house, roof is the protection. It is very important to run a check-up for your roofs once in a while. There might be some granules missing in your first check up. Usually people tend to take this lightly but it is a serious thing to neglect. These missing granules can accelerate the aging process. You can trust us with all of your roofing needs.