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Signs Your Property Needs Flat Roof Repair Services

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With a sloped or pitched roof, property owners typically can view the roof from the ground level to look for signs of damage. For example, on a pitched roof, you may notice that shingles are missing or warped when you glance up at the roof. On a flat roof, however, you typically cannot see the roof from the ground level, and you may need to access the roof to look for signs of damage. Ideally, a roofer will provide you with an inspection to help you determine if you need flat roof repair. However, before you call a roofer for assistance, you may observe some potential warning signs that your flat roof is damaged by venturing to the top of the building yourself.

Pooling Water or Water Stains

Flat roofs may be comprised of a wide range of materials, and some materials will show signs of damage more easily than others. With some types of flat roofs, for example, you may notice that water is pooling on the roof after a heavy rainstorm. After the next storm in your area, climb to the top of the roof to look for pools of water. Many pools will dry up and leave a water stain, so you may also look for large water stains on the roof as a sign of previous pooling. If your roof is creating pools of water, flat roof repair Toronto or replacement service may be needed to correct the situation.

Gaps or Tears Along the Seams

With some types of flat roofs, the seams that connect the materials together may be visible. You can inspect these seams carefully to look for signs of separation. In some cases, there may be large gaps. However, the separated areas may be very small as well, and you many need to get down close to the roof to examine every inch of the seam with care. These gaps may need to be re-sealed to keep your roof maintained in great condition.

Rips or Holes in Other Areas

While gaps and holes can develop along the seams, they can also develop elsewhere in the roof. This is most common with materials such as tar and gravel. Identifying holes and rips in these materials can be very difficult to do, and even a well-trained roofer may have trouble spotting signs of damage in these materials. Because of the difficulty associated with this, you may consider requesting a roof inspection if you have a tar and gravel roof.

Flat roof repair work is needed periodically to keep your property well-maintained and to extend the life of your roof. Remember that small repair issues can develop into serious issues over time, so it is best to examine your roof regularly for signs of damage.

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