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Things Which Harm Your Roof and How To Deal With Them?

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Irrespective of whether your roof is two years old or twenty years old, there are certain things that can endanger your roof. The list can be quite long with algae, trees and moss being some of the most common problems. One of the biggest difficulties is in identifying whether the damage is just a small repair or it needs a major remodel to be fixed by Roofing in Oshawa. Roof leaks, wind uplift, punctures and penetrations, ponding water, blistering, splitting and shrinkage are some of the common problems identified in roofs.


The most beautiful homes usually have trees surrounding them. These trees, while creating a good aesthetic appeal, are harmful to the roofs.

Some old and diseased trees are weak and their limbs can easily break off and fall on your roof. This damages the roof by causing shingles and holes.
Also, branches from trees can provide access for birds and animals like squirrels and raccoons to damage the roof. These animals look for ways to enter your home and will chew the weak spots and covers in the roof to gain entry. These holes can lead to leaks in roofs.

Leaves from trees can also fall on your roof and form a pile which leads to problems like clogged clutters and invasive growth.

The best way to prevent the damages caused by trees is to inspect the trees surrounding your house periodically and cut away the entire limb that looks like a potential threat. Low-lying branches or branches that serve as a bridge for animals to get on the roof should also be cut off.


In places with humid and rainy weather conditions, moss begins to grow on the rooftops. Most people tend to ignore moss as just a cosmetic problem that reduces the pretty appearance of our homes. But moss can cause some serious damage to the roof. It has to be dealt with sooner than later to reduce its negative impact.

Moss steadily grows in between shingles and if left unchecked, can become really thick. It collects and stores the rainwater and wets the roof sheathing. This wetting of the roof leads to mold growth and serious decay. The structural integrity of the roof is then lost, making it unsafe. Moss can lead to costly repairs and shortens the life span of shingled roofs.

The best way to prevent the damage from moss growth is to install zinc or copper flashing in roofs to kill the moss. Other moss-killing chemicals are also available in stores and online which can be used effectively to battle against moss growth. Once moss is already present in a roof, it has to be carefully removed by “brushing or brooming”, before applying these chemicals or zinc. Remember, if it grows any further, do not try to DIY and ask for expert’s help from Roofing in Oshawa.


Places with warm, humid summers suffer from algae growing on the roof. Though it is not as harmful as moss, it can still lead to a number of problems. The best way to remove algae is to wash the roof with a spray containing a mixture of water and bleach in equal amounts.

Insufficient ventilation, snow, clogged gutters can also harm the roof. Care must be taken to ensure that your roof is free from all these harmful factors because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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