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Top 4 Reasons Roofing Professionals Recommend New Roofs

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Is it time to get a new roof for your home? While in some cases the answer is obvious, there are other times when it takes a professional to determine if a few repairs will do the job or if a full replacement is in order. Here are four of the reasons professional roofers are likely to recommend replacements over repairs.

1. The Age of the Current Roof

Depending on the roofing materials used, it’s possible to get as much as five decades of use before a roof needs to be replaced. Other roofing materials will not last longer than 20 years. You can bet that professional roofers can make a recommendation based on the age of the roof. If it appears that the materials are not likely to keep protecting the home for much longer, they will urge the owner to start looking at new roof styles and materials.

2. Recent Roof Damage

While the roof would normally last for several more years, some type of damage has changed things. Whether the cause was a storm, high winds, or a recent fire, making repairs may not be the most practical solution. A professional can assess the damage and determine what it would cost to repair the roof. At the same time, the roofer can contrast that expense with the cost of installing a brand new roof. All things considered, the replacement is likely to be the best deal in the long run. You can visit Cherry and Clark roofing for more insights and informatoin.

3. Dark Spots or Streaks

Dark spots or streaks indicate the presence of algae. In some cases, they can also indicate the presence of some other type of mold. While you could attempt to remove the streaks or spots, the damage to the shingles may already be done. Depending on how large the streaks happen to be, it may be time to think about a new roof. The roofers you contact can also recommend ways to seal the new roof so that streaking is less likely.

4. The Roof Looks Bad

You’ve not noticed any leaks, but the roof definitely doesn’t look like it did in years past. Even though it’s still sturdy, the roof makes the entire property look bad. Now would be a good time to talk with a professional about replacing the roof with something that will last for a long time and enhance the curb appeal of the home.

If you are not sure what to do about your roof, contact one of the local roofers today and arrange for an inspection. After taking a good look at every aspect of that roof, the professional can help you sort through the options and come up with the one that’s will serve you well in the years to come.

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